Origin beta update targets live-streamers, achievement collectors and "power gamers"


Origin's latest beta update is primarily targeting "power gamers with muscular 64-bit systems". Which is an odd phrase, and not just because no regular person has said "power gamers" without being violently sick soon after. Muscular 64-bit systems? It's 2013: my calculator is basically running a 64-bit system. Although, in fairness, my calculator is just my regular desktop - so is in fact running the same system that Origin is also using. Touche, EA.

For those also enjoying the UNSTOPPABLE POWER of a 64-bit OS, the update gives you a new "multilauncher", providing extra options to support your hardware when launching a game.

Additionally, broadcasters using the integrated Twitch.TV support now have the ability to auto-archive their streams. For everyone else, a new central achievement tracking system will let you browse and show-off your in-game achievements for Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, and Dead Space 3. EA say this is just the beginning, promising "big plans" for achievements and Origin Points in the future.

Not the most significant update, then, but one that smooths out the oft-maligned platform, nicely bolstering some of the client's somewhat lacking social features. To have a look, head into Origin's Application Settings menu, then find the check box to download beta updates.

Phil Savage

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