Origin Accounts are being renamed EA accounts


In an email sent to Origin users earlier today and yesterday, Electronic Arts announced that Origin Accounts will soon be renamed EA Accounts. The change will apparently have no impact on you whatsoever.

"In the coming weeks your Origin Account will be renamed to an EA Account to better represent all of EA's games and services. Your account identity, preferences, and order history will remain unchanged," the email states. "You will continue to use this account and the same login credentials to access all EA games, web sites, and services, including Origin."

An EA rep confirmed that there won't be any functional changes to the service. "We have changed our player account branding from Origin to EA to represent all of the EA properties and services our players use to interact with us," the company said in a follow-up statement. "Your Origin Account credentials are now your EA credentials."

Seemingly no need to be alarmed, then. This looks like a branding exercise designed to make Origin more obviously identifiable as an EA property. It's when they start using the corporate logo cattle irons we need to worry. Probably.

Andy Chalk

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