One of Dave The Diver's boss monsters may return in a future update

Man holding a hermit crab
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You'd think running a seaside sushi restaurant would be a relaxing, low-stress experience, but despite the chill tropical vibes in Dave the Diver there's also quite a lot of pulse-pounding action. Just because he's working at a vacation destination doesn't mean his life is smooth sailing, and along with reef sharks and angry crabs nipping at his flippered feet, Dave often has to go head-to-head with fearsome boss monsters in the briny depths.

There are about a dozen boss fights in Dave the Diver and a big selection of underwater monsters to battle, like a giant squid, an eel the size of a subway train, and even a prehistoric reptile. Taking them on usually means fighting with something other than your standard fishing equipment.

But according to Dave the Diver's game director, Jaeho Hwang, even if you've battled your way through every boss in the game, you haven't seen the last of one particular boss who may be making a return appearance in the future.

Via email, I asked Hwang about Dave the Diver's boss monsters, and if there were any boss fights they didn't get to include in the game that they really wanted to.

"There is a Hermit Crab boss in the game that runs away once it’s defeated," Hwang said, referring to the boss called Truck Hermit Crab—because it's so huge it's using a big yellow dump truck as its shell. Once its metal shell is completely destroyed, the massive crab burrows into the seafloor and escapes… unlike most other bosses who are turned into sushi ingredients.

"I really wanted to make this guy return later in the game with stronger equipment, but I never ended up having the time to implement this," Hwang said. "This is something I plan on doing in a later update."

(Image credit: Mintrocket)

I, for one, would be thrilled to take on that dang hermit crab again, and not just because it beat me the first few times we fought. There's another boss in Dave the Diver who also returns a few times with stronger gear, so I feel after facing him multiple times I'm up to the challenge of the return appearance of that hermit crab boss.

There's no word yet on when that update might come to Dave the Diver. "We are a small team, so we are currently focusing on bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements," Hwang said. While you impatiently wait for the return of the Truck Hermit Crab, why not skim our ranking of the best crabs in PC games?

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