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OmniBus to release next week, special edition includes real bus

OmniBus, aka the game about the bus that couldn't slow down, is releasing on May 26. In case you missed it, I played a bit of an early build a couple of months ago, and found it to be very stupid but also reasonably fun. It's not often that a game lets you smash a bus through giant bowling pins, so we should be grateful it exists, really.

Typically, there are a bunch of incentives for you to buy OmniBus quickly: the day one "Game of the Year" edition comes with a 10 per cent discount on Steam. Meanwhile, there's the Ultimate Bus Driver edition, which comes with the game's digital soundtrack and a real life bus. 

Yeah, a real life bus. It's a 1977 MCI Charter Bus, and I don't know how much buses usually cost in the United States, but I'm tempted to assume that the $7,500 asking price for the Ultimate Bus Driver edition is a bit of a bargain. You'll have to pick it up from Austin, Texas, though.

That's the bus on the right in the below picture. Looks like a pretty neat bus.

...and here's a picture of another 1977 MCI Charter Bus (not the exact one offered), which I found on the usefully titled Used Buses For Sale website. You gotta admit, it looks like a pretty sweet bus.

Shaun Prescott
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