OmniBus is a PS1-style physics game about a bus that won't ever stop


It's becoming painfully clear to me that I need a 'Cool looking things I found on TIGSource that I hope get released and are cool' tag. You know, in order yo keep track of all the cool looking things I found on TIGSource that I hope get released and are cool.

Related, here's OmniBus. It's a physics-based driving game with an aesthetic inspired by the Playstation 1 era. It features the OmniBus, a bus that can never stop or slowdown. There is none more bus.

The game will be filled with weird and wonderful missions, like robbing a bank or taking tourists on a trip. Your job is to do these things without being flipped over or falling off the map. Do you have a hard time picturing how this will work? It is lucky for you that we live in the era of internet gifs.


OmniBus 2

OmniBus 3

For more details, head on over to the TIGForums DevLog. There are no release details as yet. I do hope it gets released and is cool.

Phil Savage

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