OlliOlli and Laser League devs just released a new game, and it's free

(Image credit: Roll7)

If the recent avalanche of free games has disappointed for its lack of abstract puzzle games, OlliOlli and Laser League studio Roll7 has you covered. Released today on itch.io, RunMe is "an estoteric turn based puzzle game with glitch graphics, weird sounds, and a bunch of strangeness."

The work of Roll7 creative director John Ribbins, RunMe was originally a 'personal project' before the studio decided it might pique the interest of publishers. A demo was produced, and while it apparently had "some interest" it was ultimately not picked up. So now, that demo is available to play for free.

"It's unlikely that we'll ever get the time or capacity to do much more with this game (unless there's a stack of interest on here), so we thought it would be cool to just put it out and let people see where we got to," the itch description reads. Which means: if you like it, and want more, maybe make some noise about it.

It's a tiny 21 megabyte download, so if you want to try it you can be in the game in less than a minute. The only requirement is a three button mouse. Oh, and Alt+F4 exits the game.

Shaun Prescott

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