Oh My Godheads is local co-op CTF madness

Oh My Godheads is a deceptively simple local co-op game about stealing the heads of angry gods and murdering people with pies. It's a quirky take on CTF, and that same kookiness shapes every part of it, from its characters to its cartoonish items. 

As we said in our review, it uses comical twists and unconventional tactics to freshen up the well-established rules of flag capturing. In the main mode, 'Capture the Head,' you fight to bring a godhead back to your base. And when I say fight, I mean both the enemy team and the head itself. The gods don't like being held, you see, and they'll explode, freeze, or electrocute you if you aren't careful. Or just invert the controls and let you kill yourself.

Then there's 'King of the Head,' where you fight to hold onto a godhead the longest. This is especially fun with friends, since one of you has to protect the other from the enemy team's attacks—and inevitably fail to do so. Which is true for most of Oh My Godheads, really. It can be played solo and it does have some single-player challenge levels, but it really comes alive when you share it with some buddies on the same couch. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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