Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 release date revealed, new features explained

PES 2015's marquee feature this year is PES ID, which makes the world's star players move and act like they do in real life. Does that mean Robben will be doing lots of crying then? #footballjoke

Konami have given over 1000 players bespoke animations and playing styles - from Ronaldo's unique running to Neymar's silky tricks. PES ID applies to teams as well. The most famous clubs adopt their real-life game plans, whether that's Barcelona's tiki-taka, Chelsea's counter-attacks, or Stoke's 'hoof it to the big man' approach.

As for the game itself, matches are said to feel faster this year, animations feeding into each other more seamlessly and taking less time to play out. There are more on-the-ball abilities, more levels of pace and, thanks to new ball physics, a greater variety of shots and passes.

One thing PES has over FIFA is presentation. Courtesy of the Fox Engine, PES 2015 nails the match-day atmosphere. A context-sensitive crowd more naturally reacts to events, while stadiums are now lit from a single source. I also like the policemen.

With Live Updates, however, Konami tear a page from EA's handbook. Here weekly DLC packs update transfers and team line-ups across the English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Brazilian leagues. Player stats will be tweaked based on real-world performances, too.

Additional Improvements include a stadium editor, overhauled menus, real mangers, and second-tier leagues from England, Spain, Italy and France.

PES 2015 is scheduled for release on November 13th. A free demo will be available from September 17th.