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Offworld Trading Company is among next week's free Epic Games Store titles

(Image credit: Stardock)
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The next two free Epic Games Store games have been announced, and it's good news for fans of dirty corporate warfare on Mars. Stardock's Offshore Trading Company will go free from March 6 until March 13, and the 2016 RTS is well worth a look: our reviewer called it "ruthless, immediate and thoroughly rewarding". 

Gonner will also be on offer, a sidescrolling roguelite with a distinctively, uh, blobby art style. Phil called it "weird and beautiful, despite its lack of depth", and I can confirm that it's a nice game to boot up for an occasional five minute run.

These will replace the current free game InnerSpace, which is worth picking up if a) you like meditative and strange exploration games or b) you indiscriminately accept anything that's free. If you've been grabbing every free game on the store you've got a fairly sizeable library at this stage: here's a full list of what's been offered so far.

Shaun Prescott
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