Oculus Rift consumer model reported to be releasing in 'beta' next summer

I'd like to issue a formal apology on behalf of everyone who keeps going on about the Oculus Rift. Sorry. It's just that the current development kits are filled with the promise of exciting escapism—even if it is to some deeply strange places . Luckily for everyone not yet prepared to deal with the DK2's current issues , news has emerged of the planned release window of the long-awaited consumer edition.

Techradar report multiple sources saying that a limited, Google Glass-style roll-out will happen "by summer next year". According to one source, this beta launch could take place as soon as April, 2015. Only a limited number of kits will be available initially, with Oculus planning to use this phase to judge consumer and retailer interest.

Recently it was revealed that Oculus want the Rift to "stay in that $200-$400 price range." In terms of improvements, the consumer release should feature a lighter design, increased resolution and "a higher refresh rate of at least 90Hz."

With any luck, then, we'll all be semi-permanently living in a cool space adventure by this time next year.

Phil Savage

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