Oberon's Court: top Skyrim modder starts work on slick new RTS, puts it on Greenlight

The creator of the gorgeous Moonpath to Elsweyr Skyrim mod is making a slick, minimalist RTS called Oberon's Court. The first videos and screenshots to come out of early production work shows the agreeably restrained art style. Creatures are depicted as dark silhouettes against a silken landscape made up of interchangeable hex tiles.

Developer, Tomas Sala, says he has two aims: "to create a RTS that's streamlined but with heavy customization where the entire landscape is your creation" and "to create a game that is visually the most condensed style possible. Meaning the game will feature no textures only geometry and shaders." It's designed to work on phones and iDevices, but Sala's also put up a pitch for Oberon's Court on Greenlight to support a possible PC release. The first trailer and screens are below. If you like what you see, why not give it an upvote eh?

It's good to see another modder peel off and create something new of their own. "My girlfriend said: 'why are you spending night after night modding someone else's game , you should just make your own game'" Sala explains on Greenlight. "Seeing as I design serious games for a living, this seemed solid advice, so here I am." Oberon's Court is in early development at the moment, but it's due out this year. You can keep track of development on the Oberon's Court Facebook page .

Tom Senior

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