Nvidia's Pascal is 10x as powerful as the Titan X

Pascal Nvidia

Pascal was announced almost a year ago, but it's taken until recently for details of just how powerful Nvidia's next-gen GPU will be. In short: powerful. I mean, just look at the infographic above.

In fact, the company is touting Pascal as having roughly 10 times the power of its current flagship card, the Titan X. EDIT: That's in terms of CUDA compute performance—definitely impressive, but don't expect the first Pascal card to actually deliver 10 times the gaming performance levels of the Titan X.

Allowing for 8-way SLI through its NVLink tech and the ability to utilise up to 32GB of RAM - up from the 12GB of a Maxwell card—it's... beastly. Though admittedly I'd just use it to play Football Manager.

With research and development coming in at around three years—and presumably a fair bit of cash, too—it's unsurprising that Pascal looks like it could be such a leap over our current tech.

The Pascal range is expected to hit next year, so for now you'll just have to get by with your $999 Titan X.

Nvidia's next-next GPU chip, Volta, is slated for 2018. Reports it will be able to "power a small moon" are said to be "slightly overstating things".

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