Nvidia releases GPU drivers optimized for Kingdom Come: Deliverance

There are still a couple of weeks to go before Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the game that began as a Kickstarter project four years ago, launches to PC and console. While you wait out the final moments before it ships, Nvidia has made available a 'Game Ready' driver update, version 390.77.

"For the best possible experience in Kingdom Come: Deliverance's humongous open world, be sure to download and install the new Game Ready driver, and to optimize your settings with a single click in GeForce Experience," Nvidia stated in a blog post.

Nvidia seems particularly excited about Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with a separate blog post detailing parts of the game, such as the setting and plot. We are looking forward to its release as well, and seeing how the unique quicksave feature works out (you have to down a bottle of Savior Schnapps, an alcoholic drive, to quicksave).

The 390.77 driver update is also optimized for Metal Gear Survive, which comes out on February 22, and brings Game Ready status for Ansel in Black Desert Online and ShadowPlay Highlights in War Thunder.

Beyond those bits, Nvidia managed to stomp out a few bugs. They include:

  • [SLI][Dirt 4]: There is corruption and flickering in the game with SLI enabled.
  • [Neverwinter Nights]: Some graphics are missing.
  • [Optimus Notebook]: GeForce Experience may launch with a black screen.
  • [3DMark]: There is a drop in the benchmark performance.
  • [GeForce GTX 1080][G-Sync]: Performance issues occurred with G-Sync windowed mode enabled.
  • [GeForce GTX 1070 Ti][Nvidia Control Panel]: The Nvidia Control Panel->Output Dynamic Range setting does not persist but switches from Full to Limited after rebooting the system.

You can update your Nvidia GPU driver through GeForce Experience, or insall them manually here. Release notes are here (PDF).

Paul Lilly

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