Nvidia releases GPU drivers optimized for Destiny 2 and several other games

Nvidia's software engineers seem to have worked overtime on the company's GeForce 385.41 WHQL drivers. The "Game Ready" driver package brings support and optimizations to half a dozen games, whereas as Nvidia usually focuses on just one or two.

If you own a GeForce graphics card and are planning to participate in the Destiny 2 open beta that kicks off August 28 and runs until the end of the month, you will want to install this driver package. Other games that Nvidia focused on include PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, ARK: Survival Evolved, F1 2017, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, and Quake Champions (Steam Early Access).

That is quite the list. In addition, you will find new or updated SLI profiles for ARK: Survival Evolved, Destiny 2, Faith of Danschant, Lawbreakers, Secret World Legends, and Starpoint Gemini Warlords. And if you're gaming on a laptop, the latest driver release introduces Whisper Mode profiles for F1 2017 and Destiny 2. Beyond that, there is a 3D Vision profile for Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 that is rated as "Excellent."

While Nvidia's engineers spent a lot of time optimizing code for several games, they only got around to stomping out a single bug. For GeForce GTX 970 owners playing Lawbreakers, the 385.41 driver release addresses an issue that was causing a drop in framerates.

You can download the driver package here. For Windows 10 64-bit, the download is around 436MB. And if you're using an AMD GPU, there are also Destiny 2 AMD drivers available.

Paul Lilly

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