Nvidia launches GTX 960M and 950M laptops GPUs

Lenovo Y50

Nvidia has officially launched their newest line of mobile GPUs, the GTX 960M and 950M, as well as the GeForce 940M, 930M, and 920M.

The 960M and 950M continues to use the same GM107 chip found in the GTX 860M and 850M, but clock in at 1096 and 914 Mhz (+ boost) respectively, a slight upgrade over their predecessors, which topped out at 1029 and 936 MHz, respectively. Sadly, this means the 960M and 950M aren't on the newer Maxwell GPU platform that's powering the 970M and 980M (and their desktop equivalents). They're getting a bit of a speed boost, but no jump up to the newer, more efficient technology.

As for the three new GeForce cards, the only available specifications point to them being several times more powerful than Intel's HD 4400 GPU, as well as DirectX 12 capable.

The new cards are available now, showing up in several new gaming notebooks from Nvidia partners: the Acer Nitro V, Alienware 13, ASUS G501, HP Omen, and Lenovo Y50, for example.

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