Nvidia hasn't done it, so a redditor made an adorable mini RTX 3060 Founders Edition with a 3D printer

Mini RTX 3060 Founders Edition
(Image credit: Reddit - Clashmains_2account)

Redditor Clashmains_2account decided that if Nvidia wasn't ever going to make a mini-ITX version of the RTX 3060 Founders Edition, they would take it upon themselves to make an adorable pint-sized GPU of their own. 

The modified graphics card is a Gainward RTX 3060 Pegasus, which underwent alterations including a custom shroud and heatsink. These components were designed using CAD and then 3D printed to mimic the appearance of the metal casing found on an Nvidia Founders Edition GPU. Additionally, Clashmains incorporated a 92mm Noctua fan that closely resembles those seen on Founders Editions (and offers better cooling).

Sadly, this is a test build, so it's more for show than overclocking. During testing, Clashmains discovered that the PLA filament used for printing the parts began to soften and deform at around 60 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the bit holding the fan in place started to warp downwards at higher temperatures as well, although the larger printed parts remained unaffected during the test. 

In his Reddit thread, Clashmains acknowledged the presence of some "rough spots" in the project. They said they plan to use more heat-resistant filaments like ABS or PETG for future builds, which will hopefully ensure that the 3D-printed parts of the custom GPU do not deform or melt. 

There has never been a mini-ITX Founders Editions GPU from Nvidia. It is heartening to see someone taking a shot at it, and who knows, perhaps an executive might stumble upon this Reddit post and fulfill our collective dreams. Considering this is Clashmains' first 3D printing project, it is commendable, and I eagerly anticipate witnessing the progress made in refining the design in subsequent attempts.


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