Nuka World will be Fallout 4's final DLC

We got more DLC for Fallout 4 than anyone was anticipating, but that run is finally coming to an end. Bethesda's VP of marketing, Pete Hines, confirmed on Twitter that August's Nuka World will be the final instalment.

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It's been a mixed bag, as DLC goes, but we're going out with a bang. Nuka World is a sprawling amusement park turned raider city, which sounds exciting enough. More interesting for the roleplayers among you will be the ability to actually become a raider and conquer all those settlements you've exhausted yourself protecting.

Before that, however, there's still Vault-Tec Workshop, due this month. It's a mite more impressive than the Wasteland Workshop DLC, much of which modders had already achieved. You'll be able to build your own Vault, and populate it too. No word on sadistic post-societal experiments yet though.