Nuclear Throne owners get a free second copy for 2015

Nuclear Throne

To celebrate both a full year of development and the end of 2014, Vlambeer is giving early adopters of Nuclear Throne a second, free copy to share with a friend/acquaintance/enemy.

As revealed by Rami Ismail in Vlambeer's most recent livestream - which you can see below - the studio made the decision because the current playerbase is 'too good'.

No, that's legit reasoning - Rami and the team needs feedback from those who aren't expert in order to make Nuclear Throne the best it can be as development continues into 2015.

Rather than slicing the price of the game, which Ismail describes as 'wrong', the decision was made to give out the freebies on January 1.

This also means anyone who buys the game in the next week or so will also get a freebie on the first day of 2015. Huzzah!