Now there's a Rocket League/Dying Light crossover

Dying Light Rocket League tie-in

Well, I sure wish I'd saved my Frankenstein joke from this morning's Rocket League basketball post. Now I'll have to limit myself to expressing facts. Ugh. Because no tie-in is sacred, there is now a Rocket League/Dying Light crossover, apparently in acknowledgement of the fact that Dying Light: The Following has dirt buggies. I haven't played Dying Light, so I can't confirm if they're rocket-powered goal-scoring dirt buggies, but for my own sanity I'm going to go assume that they are.

If you feel the compulsion to take up the offer, enter the code 'LightMyRocket' here to get the Dying Light buggy with the Rocket League paint job. As for Rocket League players, there is "Dying Light inspired stuff" on the way, and it doesn't get more specific than that. Maybe it will mean fewer Batmobiles rattling around though.