Shoot hoops in Rocket League basketball

Rocket League Basketball

Someone get an ethics committee to take a long hard look at Psyonix's methods—Dr Frankenstein would fear some of the creations that crawl from its doors. First, it spliced rockets with sports cars, and we said nothing. Then it fused rocket cars with football, and still we stood by. Recently, it introduced a pitch in the shape of a doughnut, but its blasphemies continue go unchecked, because basketball is next on the chopping block.

In celebration of March Madness (a big ol' college basketball tournament in the States), the Rocket League Twitter account dropped the image above with the hashtag #RocketLeagueHoops ahead of an update "later this year".

There's no indication of whether Hoops will be part of the experimental Rocket Labs mode or a standalone like the hockey-inspired Snow Day, but I think it's safe to say it won't be appearing in Competitive.