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This article was originally published in PC Gamer UK 225.

The last time we wrote about Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 , Tom explained the terrifying sense of vulnerability Terrorist Hunt mode subjects you to, and the panic that inspires. He and I have now finished the co-op campaign, and it's wonderful mostly for the same reasons. Rather than repeat what's already been said, I want to talk about the ending. The atrociously bad ending.

Let's set the scene. After multiple restarts in the final mission, we've succeeded in killing dozens of soldiers and shooting down a helicopter. We - Tom as Bishop, me as Knight - walk towards the wreckage of the chopper. The game's villain, Gabe, emerges from the bushes. It's not clear why he was just hanging around back here, but our guns are forced off-screen, there's an invisible wall between us, and Gabe and Bishop start to talk. Let's just print a transcript, with the comments Tom and I were screaming at the screen.

Gabe: Come to teach me another lesson, Bishop?

Bishop: We both know it's too late for that.

Gabe: This is all so surreal, isn't it? I never thought it could go this far.

Graham: Why can't I shoot him?

Bishop: It's over now.

Gabe: For you, maybe.

Bishop: You need help, Gabe. We can get that for you.

Gabe begins gesturing with the weapon, pointing it in Bishop's direction.

Gabe: Help? Ha! You think I need help? Look at what I accomplished without you! I outsmarted you, Logan, even Six!"

Tom: Why are we listening to this? He's pointing a gun at you. Shoot him.

Bishop: What did you accomplish, Gabe?"

Gabe: I--

Bishop: You betrayed everyone who ever trusted you.

Gabe: No, you let me down! You always covered for me, every fucking time.

Gabe points the gun at Bishop three more times.

Bishop: Of course I did.

Gabe: Of course you did. Bishop's fuck up. That's all I've ever been. You never let me deal with my own mistakes. You always had an excuse for me.

Tom: His complaint is that he screwed up and I covered for him?

Bishop: Six wanted you out. I defended you.

Gabe: You always wanted to control me. You never let me show you how good I was. Now I've shown you.

Graham: He's still talking! I can't believe he's still talking.

Gabe grips the gun with both hands and aims at Bishop.

Bishop: Gabe, stand down.

Gabe: More orders? Move out, fall in, fuck you. Now it's all payback. What's the Rainbow bodycount? Sharon? Kan? Echo team? Payback.

Graham: I have no idea who those people are.

Tom: He's complaining that he had to occasionally follow orders in the military.

Gabe: Who's next? Your dog Logan? I'm better than he ever was and you promoted him! Your friends? Do you even have friends? Oh yeah. I know all about it.

Tom: I don't remember promoting my dog.

Gabe fires. Tom, suddenly able, fires back and kills Gabe.

Bishop: Gabe! This isn't worth it!

Bishop stares at Gabe's body. Knight stares at Gabe's body. Knight runs against invisible wall.

The End

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