Notch on 0x10c: "I might possibly start over, because…it's not fun."

In a recent interview with The Penny Arcade Report, Markus "Notch" Persson unleashed some new details on his upcoming Fly A Spaceship With A 1980s Computer simulator 0x10c (which, for the record, I pronounce as "Zero to the Speed of Light"). Among them was the fact that he might just start the whole project over.

Notch told Penny Arcade that, while the game has a working physics engine and room builder, he's unhappy enough with the current build that it could be scrapped. "I might possibly start over, because it feels like... it's not fun," he admitted. "The stuff you're actually doing. If it's not fun to walk around the spaceship then the game isn't fun. So I need to figure that out and try to, not necessarily gamify, but add more instant gratification. "

Other details that came out of the interview included the fact that Mojang is looking at something like five Euros per month to subscribe to the "multiverse" multiplayer mode, and that we could see a Minecraft-style alpha release some time in early 2013. "I always miss my terms, but I'm hoping to get something done in like six months," Notch said, "where people can actually play it without the multiverse and everything, preferably even sooner. It depends on how into the flow I get."