Northgard's Clan of the Kraken DLC lets you play as squid worshippers

Northgard's adding a new clan to the roster today. The Clan of the Kraken worship a big ol' sea monster and don't like being too far from the coast. Check out the squid-worshipping beach bums in the release trailer above. 

The Clan of the Kraken might talk tough, but they become considerably weaker if they move inland. Colonisation and building costs are increased, and their warriors lose their nerve a wee bit, reducing the damage they do in a fight. 

The clan gets some new buildings, including a fishery that can be plonked down by lakes and the sea. Female members of the clan, meanwhile, can be trained as Norns, who spread happiness and also generate the mystical Wyrd resource. You can use Wyrd to activate special abilities, like getting your god to lend a tentacle. 

Here's the clan's feature list:

  • Colonisation and building costs on non coastal zone are 50% more expensive.
  • All units' Attack is reduced by 30% on non coastal zone.
  • You can't build Longship Docks. Trade Victory is not available to you.
  • The Fisherman House is replaced by the Fishery. The Clan of the Kraken can use the Fisherman House to fish in both lakes and sea.
  • The Brewery is replaced by the Horgr to train females Clan Member into Norns. The Norn produces Happiness and Wyrd
  • Wyrd can be used to activate special abilities.

The Clan of the Kraken DLC is out today on Steam for $5/£4.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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