No Man's Sky trailer runs through mining and trade

The third trailer in No Man's Sky's 'Guide to the Galaxy' series focuses on trade. We see some gathering, some mining with a tractor beam laser thing, and mildly disappointing asteroid destruction (the rock instantly splits into smaller pieces like it's from Asteroids).

If you freeze the video in a few places you can see the ship customization menus and the sorts of materials we'll collect, such as zinc, carbon, and plutonium. I also caught a trade screen, which shows a few item descriptions, such as 'Graphgraph' which is a 'gas inhaled by Vk'keen warriors to temporarily increase lung capacity and allow high quality battle screams.' I would be interested in trying some, because my battle screams have sucked lately.

'Every trade tells a story,' claims the trailer. It just looks like buying and selling goods to me, though I suppose everything's a story in a broad sense. 'Upgrade and enhance your experience,' it continues, which is another nice bit of trailer babble. 

The last trailer focused on combat, and it looks like we can expect one more about survival. No Man's Sky is out August 9th, and as long as a bit of patent trouble doesn't get in the way, it looks like it's going to make it this time. It went gold earlier this month, and we recently tried to answer the 10 most common questions we hear about it. Still, there are a lot of unknowns as we approach August.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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