No Man's Sky Origins mod 'aims to restore the original vision' of the game

If you know anything about No Man's Sky, you'll likely know it was criticised at launch. For some, what shipped didn't reflect its pre-release promotional material—a backlash that was later investigated and dismissed by the UK's Advertising Standards Authority. With its pre-launch promo in mind, Redmas' Origins mod for NMS Atlas Rises "aims to restore the original vision of the game."

On the project's Nexus Mods page, the creator says: "I've restored the original 1.0 biomes, and tweaked them to look like pre-release footage. I've also packed some of my most recent mods from 'Space Adventures'."

It's worth noting that Redmas hasn't created Origins as a way of slighting Hello Games, but is instead a fan of both the developer and NMS itself. 

"I've been following the development of No Man’s Sky since pre-release," reads their Nexus bio. "[I've] always supported Hello Games before and after the release, being a developer myself, I know it must have been a lot to go through for a small team. I love the game, and had one of my best gaming moments with this game."

Here are some stills:

More information on Redmas' No Man's Sky Origins mod, including installation instructions, lives on its Nexus Mods page. The space explorer's NEXT update—which adds third-person perspective, multiplayer, and a visual overhaul—lands on Tuesday, July 24.