No Man's Sky officially delayed until August

Via Kotaku, we learned today that the rumor (also reported by Kotaku) that upcoming space-exploration sim No Man's Sky was facing a delayed release date is in fact true.

Playstation's official site currently lists the game as arriving on August 9, moved from the original release date of June 21. If and when we hear reasons for the delay, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, those 18 quintillion planets you've been itching to explore, well, you're going to have wait just a little longer.

How to spend the extra time? Well, you could re-read our hands-on coverage from back in March, or do whatever everyone else is doing and play Overwatch until you gently slip into a coma. Just leave a note for someone to slap you back awake in August.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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