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No Man's Sky is getting more 'ambitious' updates in 2020

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(Image credit: Hello Games)

No Man's Sky got weird biological ships earlier this year, and as far as space fantasies go, piloting weird biological ships can hardly be bettered. But weird biological ships—and for that matter, giant mechs—aren't the final additions to No Man's Sky. In fact, more will continue to roll out throughout 2020.

In a new blogpost published today Hello Games confirmed as much, and it sounds like there are some pretty big additions in store. "In addition to [past] content updates, we are working up some more ambitious additions to the universe, and have so much more planned for 2020 for us to feel excited about."

No Man's Sky has received six expansions of varying size since its initial launch in 2016, and it's fair to say it's now a much different game to what it was back then. So much so that Andy and Emma reckon it takes the cake in terms of post-launch support for games.

Shaun Prescott
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