No Man’s Sky devs already working on first update

Is it August yet? No, it’s not. But, having just consulted my sun dial, it is just 28 days until Hello Games’ space sandbox ‘em up No Man’s Sky launches itself onto our PC telly boxes and I for one am quite looking forward to it. It went gold the other day, you might’ve spied, which I think means I’m not alone in my state of preemptive excitement. 

With four weeks to go before its August 8 release, you might be surprised to learn that Hello Games is already hard at work on No Man’s Sky’s first update. 

Taking to Twitter, Hello’s top dog Sean Murray confirmed that NMS has passed certification checks in Europe, America and Asia, that Hello is currently working on getting it green lit in Japan, and that he and his team are “already busy on Update 1". Which I think probably means a day-one patch, but might refer to entirely new stuff post-launch.

Murray also spoke of how even with its abundance of procedurally-generated worlds and ensemble of non-chicken-fetching NPCs, No Man’s Sky will be just 6GB on disc, and “most of that is audio”, apparently.

Besides going gold, it's been a bit of a tumultuous ride for NMS and Hello Games of late—one which has seen the developers receive death threats as a result of the recent delay. The end is near now, though, but how will we survive the next month of waiting, I hear you ask? Perhaps you could try giving Norman’s Sky a whirl—a free unofficial lo-fi take on Hello’s incoming works.