Next Team Fortress 2 video will meet the Medic

TF2 medic

The next TF2 video will star the Medic, according to a fan who recently visited Valve's offices. While wandering around Valve HQ the visitor got to see a preview version of the next TF2 short film and reported back to fans on the Steam forums, saying that the video is almost finished, it's coming out soon, and it's going to be one of the best TF2 videos yet.

You can read forumite Political Gamer's report in full on the Steam Forums . While he was there he met Valve CEO Gabe Newell, saw Dota 2 in action and watched an unfinished version of the new TF2 video, Meet the Medic.

He says "I have seen it and its 100% real. It's about 80-90% done. Its one of the best "Meet the" videos yet" and adds that "it will be released "soon."

There have already been videos for the Heavy, Engineer Soldier, Scout, Demoman, Sniper, Spy and a sandwich. Only the Pyro and the Medic are left. The last TF2 video valve put out was Meet the Spy, and that was over a year ago. If you've forgotten how great it was, you'll find it below. The rest of the Meet The... videos can be watched on Valve's Youtube channel .

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