Newegg is giving a free year of membership to some customers

(Image credit: Newegg)

Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states could collect sales tax from more online stores. While Amazon already collected tax in most states, stores like Newegg and eBay were mostly exempt until very recently. Newegg is trying its best to make up for the new higher prices, as the store is sending goodies to customers affected by the sales tax.

According to reports from Reddit and Twitter, Newegg is sending emails to customers in areas where the sales tax is now required. The message contains a promo code for ten percent off a purchase, up to $50 off, and a free year of Newegg Premier. The service includes free shipping, free returns/restocking, and a dedicated customer service phone number. A full-year subscription normally costs $49.99 on its own.

Screenshot from /u/sposker on Reddit.

Screenshot from /u/sposker on Reddit. (Image credit: /u/sposker on Reddit)
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It's definitely nice to see Newegg try to make up for the newly-required sales tax. Some other stores have taken more creative approaches to the problem, like B&H Photo (which we often post deals from), launching a 'Payboo' credit card that deducts the sales tax amount from store purchases. 

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