New XIII is a puzzle-based "interactive adventure"


Recently, the gaming world worked itself into a cel-shaded tizzy over the announcement that comic-book-based series XIII was making a better-late-than-never comeback. More games, after all, should have guns that fire both bullets and bold proclamations of "BAOOMM." XIII: Lost Identity, however, does not look to be one such game.

"The game is an interactive story, with puzzles, games, and enigmas," an Anuman Interactive rep told PC Gamer via email. "It will be released on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad and will be the same on each platform (except for tactile features of course on iPhone and iPad)."

So yes, it's a new XIII. And yes, it's leaping right over consoles and into the PC's infinitely superior embrace. But it's also definitely not what you were expecting. Whether that's for better or worse, however, is up to you. To help you decide, there are more screens over on Anuman's Facebook profile .