New World of Warcraft community site has launched

world of warcraft community site

The revamped World of Warcraft Community site has launched, offering players a place to manage their auctions, get the latest Guild news and browse the armoury without having to log in to the game itself. There's a shiny new beginners section for new players and plans to add a 3D model viewer in the future. You'll find a a list of the site's features below.

The new World of Warcraft Community site is live now, so you can head on over and have a poke. Here's the list of updates made to the new site.

New Home Page features

  • Browse Armory data
  • View and manage auctions
  • Guild news feed
  • Friends list for quick access to Armory profiles

Character Profile Homepage

  • Reforging options
  • Enhanced tooltips with more information than ever before
  • Raid progression, including recommendations
  • 3D character model view (coming soon)

Character Profile subpages

  • Events
  • PvP (coming in Season 9)
  • Remote Auction House
  • Reputations
  • Guild information, including calendar interaction and progression

Guild Profile subpage

  • View guild progression, top contributors, your current reputation, guild news, and more
  • Guild Roster with enhanced search and filter options
  • Guild Perks
  • Guild Achievements

New Game Section

  • Beginner's Guide
  • Adventuring in Azeroth 101 -- beginners should start here
  • Updated race and class profiles
  • Realm Status page with real-time updates and new filter options
  • Patch Notes

Forum Improvements

  • Insert item tooltips into forum posts
  • Click on the new sword icon and enter an item ID number to insert an item tooltip link!
  • Enhanced Quoting
  • Select a portion of another post and a pop-up option allows you to paste it directly into the reply field

The new site has hit just in time for the release of Cataclysm, which will launch at midnight.

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