How to start the legendary weapon quest in New World

New World legendary weapon quest - two characters are fighting near a broken tower
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If you're wondering how to start the legendary weapon quests in New World, there are a few things you need to do before it shows up. One of those requirements is hitting level 60, so if you're not quite there yet, our leveling guide should help you out.

Once you hit max level, you'll want to concentrate on improving your gear. While the weapons you get from this quest aren't the best in the game, they should help give your overall gear score a big boost. With that in mind, here's how to start the legendary weapon quest in New World.

New World legendary weapon quests: How to unlock Madaki's Stratagem 

Eintou Madaki is an NPC located in Mountainhome in the Shattered Mountain territory, and there are a number of prerequisites you'll need to take care of before you're tasked with finding the molds for the weapons. You need to be level 60, have 20 Weapon Mastery in the weapon of your choice, and you'll need to complete a number of quests offered by Eintou Madaki before they will offer the legendary weapon quests. 

This starts with Madaki's Stratagem, and once you've found the molds for the weapons, you'll then need to collect the materials required to craft one of them. You can expect this part to take a while as there are seven parts to collect, many of which are found near formidable enemies. Once you've found everything you need, return to Eintou Madaki to turn in the quest and receive your weapon.

The weapons are:

  • Sword: Twilight's Fall
  • Tower Shield: Rook's Defense
  • Round Shield: Boundless Ward
  • Hatchet: Azure Ravager
  • Rapier: Frozen Lament
  • War Hammer: Rampant Conviction
  • Great Axe: Reformation
  • Spear: Heavensplitter
  • Ice Gauntlet: Rimelash
  • Fire Staff: Prime Resolve
  • Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy
  • Bow: Torrent
  • Musket: Clamorous Vox

The weapons themselves are actually epic quality and have a 580 gear score. So while it's possible to get—or craft—better weapons with other endgame activities, the quest rewards are guaranteed and are likely to be a significant upgrade unless you've been fortunate with drops elsewhere. 

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