Wolfenstein: The New Order dev says "you will cry blood" on hardest difficulty

While we have a sense of Wolfenstein: The New Order's visual style , we're still collecting snippets of information about the gameplay in Machine Games' re-imagination of the Wolfenstein universe. The single-player shooter is intended to offer a tough, but balanced experience, according to Andreas Öjerfors, a senior gameplay designer working on the title, who told Gamespot that we will "cry blood" on the hardest difficulty.

"We want it to be a real, real challenge for people," said Öjerfors. "This is not an easy game. Of course we have the five difficulty levels of the original Wolfenstein 3D, like everything from Daddy Can I Play? to I Am Death Incarnate. So you can turn it down or turn it up if you want to. But like the default, normal setting of the game, it's going to be a challenging experience."

The ways in which a game balances its perceived difficulty can, famously , come to define much of what people say about a particular title. This is especially true if players feel the deck is stacked against them, and Öjerfors acknowledges this possibility in his comments. "It's difficult, but it's always fair," he said. "You're never really cheated. It's always your fault if you die."

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set to release in late 2013.