New Vegas run through a neural network is a psychedelic fever dream

Deep Style is a neural network based on the Deep Dream thing that did the rounds a few years ago. It takes artwork and alters it to look like a different art style, so you can make a meme look like an impressionist painting, for instance. Modder Jam2go took Deep Style and used it to replace every texture in Fallout: New Vegas after feeding it a wide-ranging catalogue of paintings, in styles from surrealist to post-modern. He previously did something similar to Skyrim with Deep Dream and that's worth a watch too.

Run through his mod (which you can download from Nexus Mods), New Vegas looks like someone ate a gallery and vomited on it. Plus, all the dialogue lines and sound files have been randomized, so it doesn't just look weird it sounds damn eerie. It's hard to pick out highlights, but the cubist blood decals and the way the radio just plays random voice files are pretty special. Cute Brahmin, too.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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