New Star Wars The Old Republic trailer reveals Imperial Agent

The Old Republic Imperial Agent Sniper

The Imperial Agent is the latest class to be unveiled for Star Wars: The Old Republic. He can specialise in two disciplines, becoming a sniper to take out long distance enemies and cloak, or he can adopt a more personal style, staying concealed and finishing enemies off up close. There's a trailer below detailing the Rogue's new abilities, including the devastating orbital bombardment.

The Imperial Agent can also specialise in combat medicine, helping out nearby allies with a cocktail of helpful chemicals. Most Imperial Agents are human, but you'll also be able to play as the enigmatic, blue faced Chiss aliens. As the Imperial Agent, you'll also get to befriend a new companion, the small but deadly Kaliyo Djannis . What do you think? Will you be playing an Imperial Agent?

[Thanks, Gametrailers ]

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