New Star Wars Battlefront 2 video gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the campaign

I think Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer looks absolutely rad. As someone who thought the first Battlefront was too clean, almost like it was made in a hospital, the burst of life that Theed seems to provide was very welcome and makes me incredibly excited for what's next, multiplayer-wise. However, what has me interested most is the campaign: a story told from the Empire's side of things.

Disney's D23 Expo is happening all weekend, and during the Level Up livestream, a small handful of Disney games were on display. Star Wars Battlefront II was one of these games, and it received a video that focuses on the single-player campaign.

The video, titled Behind the Story (above), stars a bunch of developers and actors that are working on Battlefront II. We get to learn a bit more about each member of Inferno Squad, the special forces unit that the campaign focuses on, in addition to protagonist Iden Versio's father, Garrick. We also get a very, very, VERY brief look at some gameplay—it consists of Iden walking down a short hallway before tasering one of those dang stinky rebels. 

Sadly, we don't learn too much of any real significance, but it's nice to see EA isn't ignoring the single-player campaign altogether. It's looking like it'll be more than just a tacked-on, checklist item, and hopefully, it'll be as worthwhile of an experience as the multiplayer could be. We got a chance to talk to Lucasfilm and Motive Studios about the single-player story, and you can learn how Star Wars Battlefront II plans to take the series to the dark side here.

Star Wars Battlefront II launches November 17 on PC. Unlike the first game, all of Battlefront II's post-launch content will be free—of course, microtransactions will still cost money. Two confirmed DLC heroes include Finn and Captain Phasma.