New Rise of the Triad trailer is holiday twisted

Rise of the Triad Drunk Missile

The morning after being visited by three specters (or perhaps three jackbooted Nazi-ish occultists), Apogee has posted an all-new holiday-themed trailer for its upcoming remake of Rise of the Triad . The cold-as-ice clip—called the "Deadly Gentlemen trailer"—features a number of explosive jump-pad leaping and shooting sequences set to a hard-rockin' electronica edition of the classic Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

Rise of the Triad is an Unreal Engine 3-powered remake of the old-school, run-and-gun 1994 shooter. Playing as one of five different members of H.U.N.T. (High Risk United Nations Task Force), you'll tackle a cadre of Nazis-who-aren't-called-Nazis and their supernatural demon buddies in 20 levels of goretastic single-player action. All the original multiplayer maps and modes, power-ups, and weapons are also set to return. And this time around, there won't be a Doom II dropped on our heads a few months ahead of RoT's Steam release in Q1 2013 to distract us from playing it. Well, not unless id has something they'd like to tell us...

Check out the ho-ho-homicidal mayhem here .