New quests and events coming to Fallout 76, plus another increase to stash size

Bethesda announced today that in addition to the new PvP "survival mode (opens in new tab)" headed to Fallout 76, there will be a series of updates for those more interested in PvE. Called "Wild Appalachia", the updates will be "our first big content drop of the year and spans the next few months. In addition to new quests, events, and challenges it will also bring new content to C.A.M.P.s, Crafting, and much more."

No specific details were given, though the announcement also promised a 2019 roadmap which will arrive later this month. The Wild Appalachia updates will be on a weekly basis, with previews posted about the new features being added each week. Survival mode is still scheduled for a beta in March.

In the more immediate future, a patch is planned for next week that will add a stash limit increase to 800 pounds (when the game launched it was a paltry 400, and was increased to 600 in an early patch). For those tired of being given a bounty for accidentally damaging another player's camp, a change is planned to avoid that as well: "Instead you must actively work to be malicious to another player and DESTROY their C.A.M.P. objects for it to be considered a PvP action and become marked as WANTED."

You can read the full announcement here (opens in new tab).

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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