New Old Republic trailer hints at expanded race options via the Legacy System


A few days ago, Bioware released a new teaser trailer that mostly taunted us with information we've already heard. Guildbanks? Yup. Warzones? Mmmhmm. Scaling UI? It's about time.

What we didn't expect was to see a Miraluka Sith Warrior opening a can of whoop-ass on some rusty droids. The Miraluka are a blind species who see the world through the Force, and are currently only available to Republic characters, but this particular Miraluka is dressed up like a Sith Warrior, an Empire-specific class. Could this mean that new class/race combinations are on the way?

This short-but-sweet scene appears during the segment of the video that's explaining the coming Legacy system, suggesting we may get to build that pureblood Sith as a Jedi carebear after all. The folks over at GamesRadar were able to get Daniel Erickson, TOR's Lead Writer, to confirm that it is, "definitely a Miraluka Sith." This isn't the concrete confirmation that the race/class combo is a result of the Legacy system, but given its placement in the video and previous rumors, it's probably safe to assume that the legacy system will unlock some cross-faction races.