New Nvidia drivers boost Battlefield 3 performance by "up to 11%"

Battlefield 3 - Operation Firestorm

US players will get their war-fingers on Battlefield 3 today. If you're picking up a copy, you'll want to make sure that your PC is up to date and ready to go. Helpfully, Nvidia have just released some new drivers promising an 11% performance boost when running Battlefield 3, especially if you're running a GeForce 500 series card.

The new drivers also streamline several SLI set-ups and adds 3D Vision profiles for 17 titles, including Battlefield 3 and even Diablo 3. If your copy of Rage is still as smeary as a drunken Picasso, you may be pleased to hear that the new patch should enhance performance there, too. The driver update notes are available on the Nvidia site , and can be downloaded here .

Before booting up Battlefield 3, you'll also want to make sure that your Origin client is updated. For more on getting your PC ready for Battlefield 3 , check out our guide to the tech you'll need to run it smoothly.

Tom Senior

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