New Lian Li Case Has Lots of Drive Mounts

Lian Li PC-M25

Got a lot of hard drives you need to pack into a single mini-tower chassis? You’re in luck, as Lian Li just introduced the PC-M25, a small form factor case that provides space for up to seven 3.5-inch hard drives. There’s even a hot swap HDD cage that supports up to five 3.5-inch drives, and enough room left over to pack in a VGA card measuring up to 410mm in length.

The specs show that in addition to the hot swappable cage, the new case provides an HDD tray at the bottom for the remaining two 3.5-inch drives, or three 2.5-inch drives if you want to install something smaller. The cage itself includes thumb screws and a rubber suspension, for ease of pulling out the five hard drives on the fly.

On the cooling front, the case has a vent on each side and two fans: a 140mm intake fan to force cold air through the HDD cage and a 120mm exhaust fan at the top of the chassis. Thus air is pulled in from the front, blown across the hardware, and then up and out through the exhaust vent. Why not out the back? You need space for the ATX PS/2 power supply and its fan, which takes up around 230mm.

Lian LI PC-M25

Lian Li’s new case supports Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, and a CPU cooler measuring 80mm tall. Additional notable features include a tool-less side panel, vented PCI brackets, a PCI lock, a removable dust filter, and rubberized case stands to keep the case from scratching your desktop’s surface. The chassis is made of aluminum and comes in either Black or Silver finishes.

“Lian Li is famed for its quality of construction and minimal design, exemplified by the PC-M25. Everything from the power button to the case stands are cut from quality aluminum; it's a solid, lightweight chassis weighing only 8.24 pounds,” the company says.

The new Lain Li case measures 199(w)x322(h)x441(d)mm and will be made available in mid-February for a not-too-shabby price of $169.