New League of Legends video uses stats to show how "rage doesn't win games"

A new video from League of Legends developer Riot Games argues that appealing to the better angels of our nature can bring increased success on the battlefield. Based on the studio's own internal statistics, the video points out how teamwork and sportsmanship can lead to more wins, more gold, and a better atmosphere in the online multiplayer game.

While it seems obvious that positive teamplay and less strife will result in better results in the sometimes furiously competitive MOBA, Riot Games goes a step further in demonstrating the truth of this assumption by rolling out some stats. The video makes the following claim: "What some players fail to understand is epic comebacks don't come from berating your teammates. Rage doesn't win games." A team with zero "raging" or disruptive players has a win rate of 54 percent, while a team with three disruptive or angry players has a win rate of 46 percent, according to the video.

Player behavior also affects the amount of gold a team is capable of earning in-game. The video argues that, based on an internal investigation, there is a "direct correlation" between positive player behavior and increased gold earnings in League of Legends. In addition, players with a history of being reported for their behavior win 35 percent fewer games, according to the video.

With even the United States government recognizing some LoL players as professional athletes, it's useful to point out, as Riot has done with the video below, how individual and team psychology can affect competitive outcomes. The developer has even banned some of its own pro players for what was deemed "toxic" behavior. While some notoriously grumpy athletes in other sports have claimed that anger also has the power to sharpen their concentration and performance, it appears that the numbers support a different conclusion in LoL.