Two more "toxic" League of Legends pros feel the weight of Riot's banhammer

Riot seem locked in a battle against the perception of "toxic" behaviour in League of Legends, and they're not against letting pro esports players be collateral damage. Following last December's banning of the Team Dignitas player IWillDominate, the LoL Tribunal (lol) has taken a stand against two more potty-mouthed pros after numerous reports were made regarding their "offensive language, verbal abuse, and negative attitude."

Mousesports' enVision (Ilyas Hartsema) and Against All Authority's Linak (Damien Lorthios) have both had their accounts permabanned in light of the ruling . Both players will now be unable to take part in the LCS Season 3 Qualifier this weekend, and are banned from LCS play for the next year.

Looking over the tribunal's evidence, it's not hard to see why such harsh judgements were made. enVision has been reported in 29% of his total matches, six times more than the average EU LoL player. The tribunal also supplied statistics on his alternate accounts, including a staggering 436 reports in only 135 games while playing as JungleReject. He had previously received 18 punishments across his total League of Legends history, including two account bans.

Linak may have been less actively abhorrent - a 20% report rate, 7 previous punishments and one alternate account ban - but the tribunal noted that his behaviour had "worsened in the past three months, even as his team advanced into the upcoming League of Legends Championship Series Season Three EU Qualifier." Both players had peak harassment scores in the worst 0.06% of all EU accounts this month, which, I suppose, is an achievement of sorts.

Phil Savage

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