New images emerges for mystery Bioware game

Bioware mystery game thumb

A new screen has emerged from the trailer for Bioware's new game, due to be revealed this Saturday at the Spike TV VGA awards. It's taken through a rifle scope, aiming at a woman reaching for a child in what look to be the same ruins as those shown in the teaser trailer.

CVG got hold of the image, which is the first bit of solid information we've had since the trailer . Since then, Bioware started releasing cryptic clues hidden in binary images which pointed at MI6 and the Clash , before the most recent code unveiled an image of a red herring , suggesting that any or all of the previous clues could have just been a mean diversion.

The scope sights look vaguely futuristic, but we can't properly see the clothing of the characters being aimed at. Can you draw any more clues from the rubble?

Tom Senior

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