Fresh clues emerge for new Bioware game

New Bioware Game

Last week Bioware released a string of mysterious clues ahead of the announcement of their new game at the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Adding to the teaser trailer and the two cryptic images released through Twitter, Bioware posted another cryptic clue on Facebook implying that the new game might have something to do with the Secret Intelligence Service, better known as the British intelligence agency, MI6.

Here's what we know so far. As deduced by the crack sleuths in our comments threads, the previous two images translated to 55.845 and -128.5°F. The first figure is the atomic number of iron and the second is the lowest recorded surface temperature on earth. Commenter Shadybear supposed this could refer to the term 'cold iron', a mystical substance thought to ward of evil spirits. ChaoticRambo noted that the coldest recorded temperature on earth was recorded at Vostok Station Antarctica, which could be a location from the game. Others suspected the announcement might be a Mass Effect prequel, with WindowsGamer noting the remarkable similarity between the gun wielded by the soldier in the teaser video, to the M-29 Incisor rifle from Mass Effect 2.

The latest clue was posted on Bioware's Facebook page. The image can be translated into a binary code, which in turn can be translated into the address of the Secret Intelligence Service website, which throws a bit of a spanner in the works. How does this fit in with the previous clues?

Tom Senior

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