New Hard Reset: Extended Edition screens show plant life that will soon be dead


Hard Reset came out of nowhere last September and casually brushed aside overwrought, megabudget shooters with its timeless FPS run-and-gun style set against a gritty sci-fi backdrop. No cover, no regenerating health - just strafing and lots and lots of exploding robots. We docked it , however, for its brief campaign, lack of enemy variety, and somewhat limited cyperpunk color palette.

We got our hands on a new screens for Hard Reset: Extended Edition, and it looks like the devs have something to say on all three points: the expansion adds three additional hours, outdoor areas, four new enemy types, and an updated graphics engine. Check out those sunlight god-rays streaming through the windows, and the lush plant life giving off a refreshing green hue to the world. But will a few ferns a few new baddies be able to turn things around? We'll give you the official official rundown when it releases in March.