New Deathloop trailer shows you how to disrupt the timeline to take out your targets

Deathloop, the FPS where Groundhog Day meets Dishonored, revealed a new trailer today during the PlayStation 5 showcase. And in it we finally begin to see what we're up against in the time-loop action game.

The real challenge of Deathloop isn't as cut-and-dry as simply eliminating eight targets in a single day before the time-loop restarts. It's that such a feat isn't even possible. There just isn't enough time to make it across the island to kill eight different people in 24 hours... unless you make some adjustments to the world itself.

For instance, there's a big party being thrown every night by one target, Aleksis Dorsey. The party is a great opportunity to take out multiple people on your checklist, but one of the targets, Egor Serling, doesn't attend. This is because each morning of the time-loop he makes an important scientific breakthrough, and is too busy working to go to the bash. 

So, in order to make sure Serling attends the party, you need to sabotage the scientific facility that leads to his discovery. Do that, and he'll have no work to do, so he'll go to the party and you can take him out alongside Dorsey. It's not just about mowing down goons and wasting their bosses, it's about learning everyone's schedules and routines and habits and making adjustments to them so they'll line up in a way that allows you enough time to kill all eight.

And, as the trailer shows once again, there's the other reason killing eight targets in a day is a problem—another player can invade your game, and they'll only have a single target. You.

Deathloop, which was delayed from a launch this year, is now expected to release in early 2021.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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