New BioShock Infinite footage shows off Handyman, crow-flinging, quantum mechanics

You already know what we loved and didn't love about BioShock Infinite from our recent hands-on, but thanks to the wonders of moving images you can now see some of that with your own eyes. New footage was revealed at last night's VGA awards, showing a whole heap of stuff including (but not limited to) your first meeting with Elizabeth, and lots and lots of crow-flinging action. Check it out after the break.

There's over three minutes of new footage here, culminating in a fight with one of the robo-simian Handymen. Also: airships! A rocket-launcher type thing! Books! For more and better words than those, be sure to read our giant hands-on preview in the next issue of PC Gamer UK, which will be with you on January 17th. In the meantime, however, have a gawp at this:

BioShock Infinite

Tom Sykes

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