New Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam trailer

Battlefield Bad Company Vietnam

EA have released a brand new trailer for Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam, a multiplayer expansion for the brilliant Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It's got helicopters laying waste to massive stretches of land to the sound of 60's guitar music, which is exactly what films have taught me Vietnam was like.

The expansion will only be available for digital download, and is due out this winter for $15. The pack will include 15 new weapons and four new multiplayer maps set in the midst of the Vietnam War. The new items will all slot into Battlefield: Bad Company 2's experience system so you'll be able to unlock them using points for kills and point captures. The pack will also include 49 music tracks from the 60's, which players will be able to listen to on in-game radio channels, as we can only assume that real soldiers did.

You can get a taste of the expansion's mix of cool grooves and hot, hot explosions in the trailer below.

Tom Senior

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